Find Abandoned And Abandoned Places Around Europe

A unique experience for those who love exploring abandoned places and bringing a story to life.

Explore the mysteries in Europe ★★★☆☆

Urban explorers love deserted places because they provide exciting locations for their favorite hobby. Other common terms for abandoned places are listed down below.

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Whether you're into abandoned houses, abandoned places, secrets, creepy things or dark secrets, we've got it covered. Browse locations from around the UK and Europe including Balclutha, The Rennes-le-Chateau and The Berlin Bunker and explore what it would be like to explore them in person.

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Abandoned and Lost Places in Europe ★★★☆☆

If you liked watching Abandoned Places on the Travel Channel, you'll love exploring abandoned places in real life at.

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Stories of the Abandoned Places ★★★★★

Lost places and abandoned places are magical. The past haunts the present providing both mystery and enchantment.

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⛔ The Lost Places of Europe ⛔

This is the World's Largest Collection of Abandoned Places at It will get you hooked.

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Historic aspects of abandoned and lost places

Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration is a type of photography which sees the world through the lens of decay. The places that are found in abandoned buildings or where structures are left derelict or structures that are currently abandoned provide rich history and allow for the photography.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Abandoned places are exciting for urban explorers.

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Explore incredible abandoned and lost places

Abandoned places are exciting locations for the urban explorer. Other terms for urban exploration include urban hiking, urban investigation, urban spelunking, urban exploration, urban adventure, urban exploration.

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See the best urbex locations around Europe

Explore the fascinating and sometimes scary history of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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⚜︎ Abandoned Places: Untamed by time. ⚜︎

First issue of Abandoned Places was published in 1994.

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Find great places to explore today.

Learn about the history of abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Download information to put in your itinerary

Explore Abandoned Places to Uncover Hidden History.

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You'll never look at Europe the same way again.

This is a video to introduce you to the topic of exploring old abandoned places. Some people are called Urban Explorers. Some are called Black Market Explorers. You could be called, "Urban Explorer." So what are the rules of the trade?.

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The app gives a tour of the area ★★★★☆

Want to explore abandoned places? We love to explore these silently fascinating locations to learn about the past, present, and future of these places. Are you on the hunt for the best abandoned places around Europe?.

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Explore and share urbex locations ★★★★★

Strange Places. Strange Places. Get the inside information on abandoned places. Free Info on Urbex.

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NYC: Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ★★★★☆

The best urban exploring experience in the app store. Our photography shows the places where humans have left behind. Explore high-quality photos and stories of abandoned places and urban explorations on one app!.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ★★★★★

Urban Exploration. Street View for Abandoned Places. Explore Confusing Places with Confidence. Join 12,000+ Explorers Above Ground.

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Keep an eye out for the next adventure ★★★★★

Abandoned places are historically, culturally, and financially valuable sources of history.

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Explore photos from Abandoned Places ★★★☆☆

Explore forgotten and abandoned places in the world and learn about their history and what they looked like when they were in use.

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⛔ Come explore abandoned places with us! ⛔

Abandoned Places – Exploring The Abandoned Phenomenon.

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Urban Exploration: Europe’s Best Abandoned Places

Who would've thought that buildings could be so beautiful in their spookiness? View abandoned buildings and capture your own explorations with Abandoned Places.

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☭ Just like the Cold War Went Hot ☭

Create a video with members of your group touring similar abandoned places around the world, then publish the with the hashtag #abandonedplaces.

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