Explore The Interior Of The Bunker

You've seen bunkers, but this article expands on the information provided in WWII Abandoned Places. As shown, these bunkers were built by the U.S. government in 1939. Built on the site where the Twin Towers once stood. Disc

guided train tour underground bunker ★★★★★

Check out this remote-controlled drone video of the most remote of remote-controlled toys - an abandoned WWII bunker.

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Hiking to Abandoned Bunker in Europe ★★★★☆

Places to store ammunition, supply storage, and bunkers.

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Abandoned nuclear bunker, explore urban areas ☢️

A fun way to explore tumbling abandoned Cold War & WW2 bunkers. A tumbling website that receives more than 10 million visits every year,.

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Weatherproof the rest of your bunker ★★★★☆

A fully stocked abandoned Soviet-era Cold War bunker listing a Urbex listing on a third party platform.

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⚛️ Read the history of the bunker ⚛️

Abandoned World War II Bunker. Bunker. Bunker. Bunker. Bunker.

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Bunker is embedded within the city of Ivano ★★★★☆

As we stand in this old bunker in the middle of the desert in Spain, we can't help but marvel at how this abandoned bunker is still standing after such a long time.

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☢ Bunkers and roads faintly visible ☢

Gorbachev Hotels offer tours of the forgotten bunkers and shelters of Soviet times.

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Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ☣️

You don't want to be in a bunker alone in a creepy forest in a rainstorm.

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World War 2 bunkers used to protect from bombs ✭

A rare opportunity to gain rare access to Cold War-era secret tunnels, bunkers, and underground complexes in one-of-a-kind locations.

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Bunkers of the Cold War era

Those who had the audacity to come this close to the Soviet borders were some of the luckiest ones, as some bunkers had some of their worst days. One wonders what the lucky ones faced on those days.

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☣ World War 2 bunkers hidden in the under ☣

This series of modern travel guides takes readers on a journey to explore the hidden and forgotten remains of World War II, revealing one of the most visited and romanticized eras of America's history as more than just bunkers and memorials.

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Bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

We are exploring the abandoned Cold War and WW2 places--now abandoned- with a focus on the abandoned Nuclear Bunkers! Learn more about these relics of the past from history and travel back with us now to this past era!.

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Abandoned cold-war era bunker, urban exploration

Generate a bunker in Minecraft and post a web page with an invitation to play and find your way in it.

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See photos of abandoned WWII bunkers

We're ringside for the demolition of the bunker in preparation for construction of a parking lot. The former KGB spy bunker in the heart of Moscow's city center is destroyed in just one hour just before the daytime traffic comes in.

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Abandoned Cold War bunker, urban exploration.

Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites is a unique photographic journey into the world of the abandoned, forgotten bunkers that have been left in the wake of the Cold War.

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Explore WWII bunkers, Cold War bunkers, and more

Take a photo of your cat in a dark and mysterious WWII bunker and share it with #IWantThat.

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✮ Cold War Bunker Discovered ✮

In the 1960s a convertible was placed near the bunker as a part of a publicity stunt.

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The corridors of the bunker were typically narrow

Sponsor the door to the abandoned cold war nuclear bunker with a big "Keep Out" sign, telling the story of how these bunkers were nuclear storage sites in case of a nuclear war.

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Urban explorers discover abandoned WWII bunker.

An abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker with access to unexplored subterranean wilderness at the heart of the city has been painstakingly restored. The international nuclear bunker museum in the centre of Chernobyl is one of the most unique destinations in Eastern Europe.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker. ★★★★☆

Are you exposed to radiation levels close to the levels deemed unsafe for travelers? Find out about these nuclear bunkers.

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⚛️ Bunkers, Cold War, and More ⚛️

Stop and take a photo at abandoned Cold War Bunker sites.

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Abandoned Bunker and Other World War 2 History ⚛

Shifting their attention to abandoned Cold War and WW2 facilities and bunkers, the team discovers a bunker made of steel and concrete wrapped in barbed wire.

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Built by Nazi Germany as a secret military bunker

Military bunkers that remain abandoned throughout the world.

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✯ A mapping book of Cold War Soviet bunkers. ✯

When you think of a bunker they usually come to mind when fighting a conflict. But, in the case of WWII, many many people invested in preparing for war in their own homes.

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Urban Exploration, Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

Scary Stories. Real Pictures. Fascinating photos of abandoned WWII bunkers. Explore abandoned bunkers of WWII WWII bunkers!.

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Abandoned cold-war era bunker, urban exploration

Did you know? WWII bunkers can be found all over Europe.

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Locals over time began to over use the bunkers ☣

The stories behind the secrets lay in lay in forgotten bunkers that were used by the WWII airbase in Europe. Now abandoned for over 70 years, these bunkers are moments of great discovery for adventurous adventurous travelers!.

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Looking for abandoned bunkers anywhere in Europe.

This place is abandoned. It was used during the cold war for nuclear bunkers, but now it is just decaying.

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Unique images of abandoned WWII bunkers

Discovering and exploring beautiful abandoned Soviet Cold War bunkers in Eastern Europe has never been so much fun.

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World War 2 bunkers found abandoned under streets

A bunker door that opens with a fingerprint reader to a door that leads to a hidden room with a refrigerator, a microwave, a water tap, a sink, a toilet, and a bed.

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